Workshop Reconstruct Your …

Reconstruct workshop

In this 4 hour workshop we will teach you how to reconstruct your T-shirt, blouse or hoodie. You will learn the process of taking old clothing items and altering them into something new. You will completely change the identity of a garment and give it a new life.


Course can be given in both English and Dutch


What we offer:

  • learn altering techniques used at Reconstruct
  • sewing machines
  • heat press
  • tools for experimenting and sewing
  • coffee, tea and something sweet
  • professional guidance 


What to bring:

  • some clothes you want to reconstruct – bring a selection. Clothes that work best for reconstruction are oversized and simple in shape and design. Like mens T-shirts, blouses, hoodies or oversized trousers.
  • some fabric you may want to add to your clothes
  • special sewing supplies you may want to add, like a zipper or buttons


Please contact us at to reserve a date.