REconstruct is a design collective consisting of four female designers, which produces unique made-to-measure pieces, created by constructing overstock and upcycling pre-used materials. Our aim is to be an active force in reconstructing the fashion industry by producing garments through sustainability, while being an asset in forming unity in the creative community by creating an approachable, welcoming space for all. Our core value is, while providing this space and working towards a circular future, to be a force driven by creativity and the community that surrounds us.

As each of our garments are individually made-to-measure, sizes may not be included in the product description. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email from one of our designers to enquire about your measurements, with which the garment will be constructed to ensure the best possible fit. Moreover, this way of creating guarantees us no waste or over-produce is generated in the creative process.