Flower Pounding Workshop

Learn how to make a beautiful print by experimenting with fresh flowers as a medium.


In this 4-hour workshop you will learn the process for transferring the dyes of plant materials to fabric. After some experiments on paper, you will choose what sample you like the most and apply the technique by creating an original flower pounded print on your T-shirt/blouse/fabric.


Course can be given in both English and Dutch


What we offer:

  • flower pounding techniques through experimenting
  • tools for experimenting and pounding
  • materials: flowers, paper for testing and a pre-treated T-shirt/blouse for the final result
  • professional guidance
  • coffee/tea

What to bring:

  • A fabric, shirt, blouse or other item that you would like to costumize. Cotton in light colors work best!


Please contact us at info@reconstruct.nl to reserve a date.

This workshop is also available on location.