For this capsule collection the collective worked with textiles provided BYBORRE. The focus of both Amsterdam based entrepreneurs is on creating zero waste products. BYBORRE exclusively focuses on textile providing for leading companies all over the world. With their ready to order, responsible fabrics they are changing the textile game. For this reason it is not common for them to have overstock. What gives extra character to this collection, is that it consists out of some deadstock of the BYBORRE clothing line. They reached out to Reconstruct Collective, to bring new life to their few leftovers.

The Collective was lead by the beautiful colours and texture of the fabrics, which resulted in 9 one of one pieces that are a great collision of BYBORRE’s technical knits and Reconstruct’s bold aesthetic.

Photographer: Sophia Mulder
Model: Oneisha Hortensia – Vein Agency
Mua: Samuel Does – House of Orange Agency
Gaffer: Lennert Antonissen
Textiles: BYBORRE