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Sundanese people know a legend about the spiritual ruler of the Southern Sea in the form of a beautiful woman called Nyi Roro Kidul.  The heart of the ocean became her home and she built an army so vast that she ruled an underwater empire that commanded both respect and fear. A worthy guardian to the deep ocean.

She is believed to take the soul of anyone she wants. Green is her favorite color and no one should wear the color along the southern coast of Java. The myth goes that they could be targeted by Nyi Roro Kidul to become part of her army of soldiers. 


Not only is she said to have the powers to control the sea as she wishes, turning them into violent waves or to calm them down into gentle ripples at her command, she also protected the creatures and fishermen that made a living from the sea. 


Efe shot in the Southern Sea of Indonesia by Ruben Beeris assisted by Quenthe.
The REkini is styled with Naula Studio silver rings.