RECONSTRUCT consists out of 6 designers; Laura Aanen, Zara Asmail, Alyssa Groeneveld, Kim Kivits, Michelle Lievaart and Sanne Verkleij. Each and everyone has their own particular signature and style but share the same vision.


'We strongly believe it’s crucial to show the youth of today and the youth in the upcoming future that being unique and an individual is a good thing and that they should always strive for greatness. We do that by consistently involving them into our creative process. We are continuously looking for new challenges, by observing our surroundings, playing around with new media, colour pallets and material use. By recreating sub cultures in each collection we put ourselves on the frontline but most importantly the current youth.


We believe that the current fashion system is missing particular elements such as individuality, lifestyle and courage. We are reconstructing our vision into the current fashion industry. Every individual’s strength reaches its full potential due to working together as a collective. Standing together as people in general will make humanity stronger.'